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Kirk Shaw Biography

Enjoy a sampling of some of Producer/Executive Producer Kirk Shaw's work!

With over 170 film and television production credits, Kirk Shaw is one of North America's most prolific film and television producers. 


Kirk’s production resume lists the feature films, Battle In Seattle with Charlize Theron, While She Was Out with Kim Basinger and Blonde And Blonder with Pamela Anderson, as well as, the Oscar winning The Hurt Locker


On television, Kirk produced the series: Painkiller Jane for SyFy, Blood Ties for Lifetime and Two Coreys for A&E as well as many others. 


Shaw is known in the industry for his film-financing flare, a business acumen that allowed him to build Insight Film Studios into Canada’s largest production company.  Between 2006 and 2009, Insight produced and delivered over $500 million of new film and television content. 


In 2012 Kirk Shaw brought his 25-years of experience as a producer to Vancouver’s Odyssey Media. 


Since joining Odyssey, Kirk has broadened the company’s production resume and financial resources, securing a slate of feature films including Suddenly, starring Ray Liotta and Erin Karpluk, Drive Hard starring John Cusack and Thomas Jane and Pound Of Flesh starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. 


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